Feeding the Finca Demon – Do You Want to Quit Your Life & Resurrect the Alharía?

The question “Do you want to quit your life and resurrect the Alharía?” is a very serious one. Half a millenia ago, the finca offered livelihood for some hundred people. Now, there are four siblings left, fighting to keep their childhood home and restore it to its former glory. And they’re looking for a hand. […]

Breathing Life Into the Mountainside – An Invitation to the Garden of Eden

“If you are interested in forest gardening, permaculture and organic food production, you may want to come and see the finca near Estacion Gaucín that we have been working on for 19 years”, Stefan Lipka humbly suggests in a text message that we received a couple of weeks ago. We were, of course, greatly intrigued […]

Two Decades of Roaming the Andalusian Countryside – an Interview with Patrick Elvin

In order to figure out the degree of insanity inherent in leaving urban life for the Spanish countryside, we decided to interview some people having done just that. First out is Patrick Elvin, who is something of a local celebrity due to his roamings in the valleys and mountains of Gaucín and beyond. Patrick is […]