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Minimalist Makeup

I’m quite vain, but unwilling to spend much money on makeup. I sometimes read makeup tutorials or product reviews and usually end up laughing my minimalist ass off. Most of them are so very, very complicated and require so, so many components. In the morning, there is supposed to be a borderline religious cleaning routine […]

Minimalist & Simple Cleaning

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are trending. There is a wide range of neo-traditional products that are far better than the conventional, chemically laden ones that you’ll find at the supermarket. Leaning towards the extreme minimalist pole, however, I’d say most of them are unnecessary. They’re designed and advertised to attract an urban, conscious and well-paid […]

Minimalist and Sustainable Shaving – Why Did I Not Know This?

As you know, I’m constantly looking for everyday expenditures and trinkets to eliminate or minimise. My first priority is spending less money, which makes disposable items my arch enemy. Second in line comes owning fewer possessions or, at the very least, owning only possessions that are sustainable and look neat. Oftentimes, these strivings marry perfectly. […]

Keto & Eating Disorders – Biology, Feminism & Junk Food

I’m very excited by the mixture of warm, curious and aggravated responses to my two previous posts on ketogenic eating and eating disorders. The huge interest in the topic has caught me by surprise, and I want to address some concerns and make a few clarifications. My layman hypothesis is that the physiological and psychological […]

Keto & Eating Disorders – Breaking the Vicious Circle

Some ten years ago, I worked closely with a therapist specialising on eating disorders. Before that, I’d had a stereotypical image of people suffering from eating disorders as girls who eat too little. I’d assumed that eating disorders are visible, picturing these girls as very thin and anaemic. I soon learned that the lion part of […]

Feeding the Finca Demon – Do You Want to Quit Your Life & Resurrect the Alharía?

The question “Do you want to quit your life and resurrect the Alharía?” is a very serious one. Half a millenia ago, the finca offered livelihood for some hundred people. Now, there are four siblings left, fighting to keep their childhood home and restore it to its former glory. And they’re looking for a hand. […]

Do Fix What’s Broken – Minimalism, Gender, Sustainability and Money

My grandmother and my mother, along with most women of their generations and societal classes, were sent to housewife school (in Swedish, husmorsskola) before reaching adulthood. All the while, my grandfather and my father were, of course, forced into military training. The gender construct and hierarchy inherent in this is acutely obsolete – no need […]

What Is Extreme Minimalism? Fulfilling vs. Changing Material Needs

The minimalist trend in its current shape and form has been going strong for some years now. It is obviously closely related to, but should not be confused with, the architectural ideals of Bauhaus and De Stijls and their disciples – straight lines and clean, rough surfaces devoid of ornamentation. Instead, many influential minimalists of […]

A Giant Leap Closer to Living in Spain

We have little reason to complain about living in an amazing, fairly priced rental apartment in central Gothenburg while pursuing meaningful careers. We like our jobs, friends and everyday habits. We’re also privileged enough to be embedded in a well functioning society offering public transport, libraries, parks and recreational areas, social service, health care, central […]